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Tracy Stark: Links

Miranda Music

Miranda is my record label! Our fearless leader is Kitty Scrobela. All of the artists are lovely and talented. And many of them straddle a bunch of different musical genres.

Richard Barone's Website

My producer and friend. Incredibly talented, musically and socially. All around great guy.

Michael Vaccaro's website
Actor and singer and dear friend. He lives such a creative life -- always doing something interesting.
Lennie Watts
Lennie wears so many hats, and everytime he puts another hat on, he'll win an award. He's a vocalist, director, producer, and booking manager. His work is exemplary, in whatever he does.
Randy Jones's website
You might recognize him as the original cowboy of the Village People. He's not with them anymore, but he works constantly doing shows and concerts and club dates. He's one of the friendliest people you will ever meet. And, you will probably meet him at some point, because he knows almost everyone on the planet.
Layla Love is one of those people who exists to create. Her main medium is photography, but she creates in many other mediums. Her photographs range from raw and honest photojournalistic, to magnificent explosions of beauty. She is struggling with health issues that threaten to take away her eyesight, at the same time as her career is just starting to soar. This woman inspires me at every turn.
Go Girls Music
Pro-Grrl Singer/Songwriter organization
If you are a singer, songwriter, or anyone who records anything, this is the site to sell your stuff.
Lina Koutrakos's website

She kicks. Great songs. Incredible voice.

Johnny Rodgers' website
Great piano player. Great songwriter. Beautiful singer. Kind, smart, funny and sexy.
MAC Website
Manhattan Association of Clubs and Cabarets Mostly a New York organization. Good to check out if you are a singer.
Women in Music
For Women in Music!
Skip Ward - Bass player
David Silliman - Drummer
Donna Kelly - Drums
Sean Harkness -- Guitar
Peter Calo - guitar
Gene Bertoncini - legendary guitar player