1. Closer to Home

From the recording Closer to Home


What didn’t kill us only made us stronger
We’ve been thru hell but we still walk on
Body’s tired from walking thru the jungle
But with each step we’re a little bit closer to home
Oh- Closer to home

We’ve been thru such trials but we bounce back
And it brings us together
You may think someday we’ll forget
But we never will
You do your best to knock us down
You don’t fight fair
You make us falter
But we have no choice
Our spirit stands up still


Our hearts are heavy with loss
But filled with life and laughter
As we do the daily grind and wait for the next scene in the play
I have not seen the blueprints
I don’t know what’s coming after
But there’s no doubt
We’ll get thru anything you throw our way


So we will ride the bumpy ride on the wings of a chorus
And every storm you brave is another chance to grow
Guided by the loved ones who have done all this before us
It’s not always obvious when they’re leading us
Closer to home....