1. Movin' On

From the recording Movin' On


Sometimes I’m not so sure
What’s this spell I’m under
Sometimes I feel so strong
But then a minute later
I wanna break down and crumble

And sometimes I feel like a leader
You look at me, and I know just what to say
But then I hear myself and I just cannot buy it
Well I got the cash, but I don’t wanna pay

And I’m running hard –- but am I going anywhere
And if I stop suddenly – will I tumble head over heel
And if I look in the mirror – will I like what I see
Well I don’t know what I am, but I know what I ain’t
I’m no devil, I’m no saint
Sometimes it’s all I can do
All I can do – is keep movin’ on
Just move on

If I’m in trouble and I’m way across the ocean
And I call to you cuz I need a friend
Well I know you cannot come to me walkin’ across the water
But maybe you can learn how to swim

And who do I look to for wisdom
If I close my eyes, will I finally see
Just because somebody writes it down in a little book
Does it mean I got to believe


Times are hard if you’re human
Times are hard even if you’re not
And money is nice, but it ain’t everything
Cuz the finest things, well you can give ‘em away
But lord they can’t be bought

And is there one better direction
The shortcut to righteousness
And if I travel the world in all of it’s glory
Will I ever find a place to rest my head