1. Music Man

From the recording Music Man


The first time I saw you
I watched you from the street
As you warmed up the ivories
You made my hands shake
You made my knees weak

And when you looked up and caught my eye
You were so raw and tough
And when you smiled
It scared me
And I liked you so much

Hey hey – you’re the music man
You know it – you can walk that walk like no one else can
And I just wanna spread the word
Hey – get me a witness if you can
I think I’m fallin’ for the music man

Like a preacher of the gospel
You are like a preacher of the soul
Anywhere you wanna take me
I will go

Fly me up to heaven on any old day
And sit me down
Cause I can listen for hours
When you’re talkin’ that way


The music man
Take my trouble away and make me whole
I know you can ease my weary soul
Come on and ease my weary soul - yeah