1. So Cool

From the recording So Cool


In the cold north wind
I saw you again
And I wonder why it feels I never left
We never needed an alibi
And only once did you make me cry
And that was only late one night
Out of pleasure

I think you’re beautiful baby
I would be your fool
How’d ya get so beautiful baby
Did you have to go to school to get so cool

We’ll I never knew a soul so sublime
I have no fear when I cross your line
I never knew something this easy could feel so fine

Sometimes when I’m walking with you
I could swear everyone who sees you, wants you
But they can look all they want
The last dance is mine


So cool......And it just keeps gettin’ better
So cool......Like a feast for the heart
You’re my how-to book - my bible baby
And you don’t even know how cool you are
That’s the best part