Walk With Me

It seems like every day -- in every way
There’s a little less love and a little more hurt instead
If you can’t pay -- to take the pain away
You could be the one with the gun to your head

I am but a drop in a shower
Alone, I am a snowflake in a storm
You can be an angel in this army
Together we can keep warm -- we can keep warm

So if there’s hope in your heart
If there’s grace in your soul
If we’re gonna make this place -- a little more whole

If there’s faith in your thoughts
If your prayers will allow
If you care --- if you love --- if you believe
Walk with me
Walk with me now

The taker’s take -- and the giver’s give
There’s more than a fine line between the two
You can walk the walk --- but it’s the life you live
And you could be the one wearing my shoes.