I am a camera
From this view there are no lies
And you are a vision
You’re a snapshot thru my dusty eyes
But I can see you clearly
Your slow motion mouth in a rise
Maybe there’s a side you never knew
And with a click of my finger
I capture you

You are a sculptor
And I can’t look away
I stand revealed before you
My soul is your clay
And you can make me beautiful
Till I can light up a darkened day
Maybe there’s something I can’t see
And with a wave of your hand
You capture me
I can swim in your music
You can carve my life in stone
We can flash across a clean white sky
Where no one’s ever flown

We are dancers
We float above time
You can move my body
With just your mind
Together we are brilliant
And perfectly aligned

And we know things – no one knows
Catch the light – before it goes
Cause we have found – a little world to trust
Where love has captured us